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How To Write SEO Friendly Article (Step By Step)

Previous Blog We Talk About Advance Seo For Blogger In This blog we Gonna Teach You  How To Write SEO Friendly Article Our main purpose give value for our audience if you are write high quality problem solving article everyone love your article and when people love you, your website will boost in ranking because Google wants the best result in the first page so try to do best from other creators analyze what your competitors actually doing and try to do best so in this blog we try to understand what is the strategy you apply in your article so if you want to rank your Article and you want to write an SEO friendly Article Read the whole article these all the steps in white hat SEO I hope you will like it.

How To Write SEO Friendly Article

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post
How To Write SEO Friendly Article

Post Title - 

Title Is Most Important For Writing an SEO friendly article if your title is not appealing people never gonna click on it to write an SEO friendly eye-catching title Optimize Your Title For Seo Friendly.
  • Sprinkle Your Target Keywords Into Title
  • First Load Your Main Keyword
  • I am using Portent To Making Cathy Title And Heading.
  • Words should be  6 To 12 In Title.
  • USE Appling Words Like - Top, Most, 2019, Number 1, Best, Step By Step - These Are The Attention Grabbing Words

SEO Friendly Blog Title
SEO Friendly Blog Title

Label ( Category)

A label is the category into your blog example if you are a food blogger your labels should be vegetable foods and non-vegetable food and more relevant to people easily surf your website in SEO factors if your website is not user-friendly you never gonna rank in google to make your website user-friendly create a label of every single post.
  • Create Labels And Link With Your Menu Bar
  • Make A Category Section In Your Website Home Page

Labels In Blogger
Labels In Blogger

URL Structure ( Permalink)

When you write an Article and share with someone after publishing the blog you got a specific link to share with someone as your page identity this link called your permalink and URL so what should you do for making SEO friendly permalink 
  • Always Use Custom Permalink
  • Short Link Is More Seo Friendly
  • URL Should Be Related To Your Title Heading and  Article
  • Target Your Main Keyword In URL

SEO Friendly URL Structure
SEO Friendly URL Structure


Write your location into your location section to understand the algorithm where are you living while you are writing your  Article, this will help your audience too for understand which place is author locate.
  • Target a county in location 
  • it will help to target a specific country and city

Location In Blogger
Location In Blogger

Search Description

Write a search description into the column write a short summary of your whole  Article, your description should be appealing because when someone sees your  Article in google your little bit description visible in google.
  • Write the first 40 words most powerful and Cathy in your search description.
  • Paste The Description Front Of Your  Article

Search Description In Blogger
Search Description In Blogger

Custom Robots Tags

These Tags Help the crawler and robots to understand which page you wanna index in google and which you do wanna index so in a previous  Article we learn custom robots tags settings I am making my own selection in the setting.

  • Click Default For Unteek 
  • Click Done 

Custom Robots Tags In Blogger
Custom Robots Tags In Blogger


Your Blog Body Will Decide Your Post WIll Rank In Google Or Not Lets Talk Abot The Parts Of The Blog Body  ↘


Give a short brief summary of your work profession and previous  Article when you do these people know about your personality and profession
Example -  I'm Parveen And I'm Seo expert and in a previous  Article, you learn about how to start a blog this to learn something about advanced SEO and how to rank in Google Fast.

Link Previous Content

Link Your Previous Content Link Into Your  Article To Understand People To Your Journey In Your Blog This WIll Automatically TakeS a Step By Step Process Because Who Don't Know About Advance Concept Of Your Blog They Can Cheak Your Previous Basic Content To More Understanding The Topic
  • Link Your Basic Content
  • Link Your Previous Content
  • Link Should Be Visible
  • Try To Use Step By Step Concept 
Internal Linking
Internal Linking

First 200 Words

Your first 200 words begging of your blog should be most powerful and attention-grabbing you can put as a search description also if your first 200 words not powerful and Cathy nobody stay to read your whole  Article they don't wanna scroll your page and so write about the short summary which you gonna fully describe in your blog.


Your Heading should be Cathy I give you the formula to making Cathy and SEO friendly headings check the image I give you down below Title or heading is similar to each other but the title is the main part of your blog and heading is a subpart of your blog.

Understand Headings
Understand Headings

  1. EXAMPLE Title - Best Results in India
  2. Heading - Top 10 restaurant in Delhi
  3. Subheading Top 10 Veg Or the non-veg restaurant in Delhi
  4. Minor Heading - My favorite veg and nonveg Dishes In Delhi Restaurant

Heading Formula
Heading Formula


When You Write an Article there are so many important things in your blog so bold them text and word or link because if they are bold and dark people easily can see them 
  • Always Bold Links
  • Always Bold Main Targeted Keywords
  • Always Bold When Your Write Terms
  • Always Bold When You write Important Sentence


When You Add Italic Fonts Your Blog looks more Profession, it will boost your ranking.
  • Used to highlight phrases or thoughts.
  • Used to highlight names of books, blogs, newspapers, etc.
  • Conversations, dialogues.
  • Imagination or story
  • Highlighting keywords.
  • Among Bold, italics and underlines. Italics are used more often than bold, followed by underlines.
  • If used properly, these formatting tags reduce bounce rate, increase average visit duration. Most of the bloggers are confused between these text formatting tags.


When You Wanna people read you these phrases and people will see on it, you can add underline, these will boost your readability and its look more attractive and visible and people understand your intensity
  • when you want your audience to click on it 
  • when you want your people to see it.
  • When You wanna grab someone attention


When You use multimedia people engage with your blog because nobody wanna read the text and nobody want boring blog article so if you want more engagement more share and you wanna boost your readability and dual time Add Multimedia In Your  Article
  • Use Images, Video, Infographic, Audio, Screen Short, Memes And Gifi
  • Try To Make A Visual  Article
  • A Picture Says Thousand Words

Multimedia Seo - Optimize Your Multimedia For Seo.

  • Use Alt Text 
  • Always Compressed Multimedia
  • Use Well Format
  • Rename Your Multimedia
  • Quality Of Your Multimedia
  • Name Of Multimedia
  • Caption Of Multimedia
  • Copyrighted Multimedia

Here Is The Seo Table Of Multimedia



There Is So Many Link But Question Is the that should we put links in our  Article it will boost our ranking in google or not so answer is yes if you put links into your blog your ranking will boost and your  Article look more professional.


Add Backlinks in your blog because when you add backlinks to other blogger and website they will notice you and they also give you back provide values if someone doing great work in there field because you are not expert and multitasker if you see someone make an Article with high quality embed their link into your  Article.
  • When someone doing better in your niche provide them value

Social Link

When You Add Social Link In Your  ArticlePeople will redirect to your social media profile Then They easily can contact you when they want to ask something this process makes engagement when and when your blog engaging you will rank in google.
  • Your Trafic Will Convert In Your Followers And Fans And Friends In Your Social Platforms 
  • When You add more post you can give notification via your social media

Internal Links

This Technique is like you are promoting your blog and pages on your own website. make a circle of youR all related blog and add more your links in your blog when your blog is ended give another liNK to redirect your audience Basic To Advance Level.
  • You Can start a series on your website 
  • Make Playlist Widget Menu
Internal Links
Internal Links

High Authority Website Links

Give High Authority and reputed websites link into your blog all links should belong to trusted websites like Wikipedia and Google 
  • Give Links Most Trusted Websites
  • If you are using a tool Like I am using Semrush Give The like also in your blog

Outbound Links

When You ResearcH Something and you found a sentence and phrase and you like it and you wanna wrote the same line and sentence into your website in case Add the same Line And Give  A Credit of this website, The owner of content website link called Outbound link

  • If you do not give credit or link of owner website this will make a copyrighted issue
On Page SEO
On Page SEO


You can call it alt attribute when you add alt attribute and alt text in object you are providing the credit and rename of the object most people not using alt text in images when you add alt text in images you are providing a rename of your images when someone searches an image keyword in google your image will visible in ranking.


Basically, meta is an HTML attribute to understand crawler and robot to your content you can add meta description meta tags and search description of a sing  Article When your website is a single page and you have a single page of your website put the meta tags into your template 


Keyword Density is important in blog ranking but doesn't do keyword stuffing Keyword Density is a percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears in your  Article compared to total number of words in your whole  Article

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) called LSI keywords When You Write a keyword In google Then google suggest you more relevant keywords to your niche and topic these suggested keywords called Lsi Keywords 
  • Sprinkle LSI Keywords into your  Article

Call To Action

When You want to promote something like service and other website links and tool or other web page link Add a call to action button or collum and text 
  1. A button should be bold visible and attractive
  2. Write a short summary about your call to action Button
  3. Example - I am providing a service fat gain service so am gonna wrote benefit of my service surrounding my Call To Action Button

The Things Is Matter To Write A SEO Friendly Article

Read More Section

Add Read More section when you wanna redirect your traffic from other detailed post and URL because if someone wanna depth information about that section they can read more the whole depth into the topic.


First You find your competitor and see there work and try to write the best article compare to your competitors.

Blog - 400 - 800 Worlds
E-Commerce - 350 - 500 Worlds
Website - 600 - 1000 Worlds


If Your Important Page is not available in surrounding your Article when someone what to go to your social network page and about us page it will easy to access with there


Write final words and conclusion in end of your blog who don't wanna read your whole  Article it will easy to understand your content and content what you actually wanna say with your audience in your local language.

Main Message

If you wanna give an important message to your audience write your main message into your  Article for the main purpose of writing Your  Article.

Power Tips

Give a Power Tip When you explain as a bonus give your own opinion about that specific explanation.

Signal Words

Add Signal Word Into Your  Article when you wanna target your audience with a single word like your website slogan and your website URL or promotion purpose or affiliate program it's like a call to action gives the signal to pay attention to your signal worlds.


Write your article as a paragraph and write it like you making a storytelling with someone its the way to connect with more people 
  • Write Short Paragraph 
  • It will boost Readability


Make Your Body Structure Like Story Telling Book, If you are following this strategy your dual Time will Boost because how much Time people spend your article Is a ranking factor. 


If your  Article is not easy to read it will difficult to understand intensity to write the blog so make your  Article readable increase your readability to boost high traffic and if people can read your post easily they spend more time on your blog

Mobile Friendly

60% of people now using the internet with their mobile phone so if your website or  Article is not mobile friendly they cant easily access your  Article to make it as a mobile user.


If the audience can use your website or blog properly there is no widget and archive section and the important page they bounce back to your website and go to another website to make your  Article-user-friendly.

Let Other People Read Your Post

Make Your  Article to other people can read your post and they share your post also with their friend and family too. optimize your  Article like a pro.

Optimize The Length

Write a Long Detailed  Article And In-Depth Blog About that topic you choose that time write a blog like that never been ever make with other creators, write every single detail about that topic.


consistency In writing an article
consistency In writing an article

This Not Compulsory but if you write daily an Article-Google algorithm understand you are a genuine blogger as sees your consistency or seriousness in blogging.

Use Yoast SEO and all in one SEO pack

This Two plugin is very useful in WordPress it will optimize your post as an SEO friendly it will help you to how to write an SEO friendly  Article follow their instructor and write an SEO friendly  Article.

Quality VS Quantity

Increase Quality, not Quantity If you write 10 High-Quality In-depth Problem solving relevant  Article and under a niche or evergreen it will worth it people spend a month writing a single  Article but their  Article quality is incredible work on your quality, not quantity if you write daily 1  Article but this kind of  Article never gonna rank because google want unique content so spend time with your quality.

Sharable Content

Write an engaging  Article when someone read your post people love it, and share with them who wants stuff like that.
  • Social engagement also a ranking factor in SEO

Relevant Content

Write a relevant  Article to your niche don't try to fool people you will lose your ranking if you are doing these kinds of thing your title heading and thumbnail relevant to your whole post and relevant to your niche and topic.

Organic Content

Content should be as natural as you thinking about that topic and write your own opinion about that topic don't try to copy someone is natural to be organic always 

Keyword Stuffing

Don't Try To Keyword Stuffing Your Target keyword if you are doing these You are Detected as a spammer you ranking will lose try to write organically don't try to repeat your main keyword again and again.

Beautiful Design

If your blog looks professional and attractive people will love with your  Article and they wanna spend more time on your blog.


Don't Try To copy others content, multimedia and text there is a tool plagiarism checker when you are done your blog put your whole  Article into plagiarism checker your content should be unique if it will be copyrighted you never gonna rank in google.


Don't try to be a spammer if you are doing this your website authority will lose
  • Don't keyword Stuffing
  • Don't Try So Many Links In Your Blog
  • Don't Try Black Hat Seo Techniques

Black Hat SEO

People try to be over smart they don't want to do hard work and try to compete for the algorithm but if you are doing these your website will penalize for a lifetime.

Page Speed

Your Web Page speed is important in ranking if your website page and  Article loading speed are too slow you will lose your ranking cause people don't wanna waste there time and Google wants better result so try to increase your web page speed use Pingdom to check your web page speed.

Structure ( FORMATE)

Your Blog Should Be Proper.
Article Formate
Article Formate

Author Info

Write The Author Info End Of The Blog You Can Make Separate Section in your website to people know the about who is writing the whole article.

Wikipedia Research

Research With Wikipedia and Give It A Outbound Link As a Reseach And Copyright.

Capital Letters

Use CAPITAL LETTERS When Something Is Very Important.

Block Quote

Write A Quote And Your Own Opinion About That Topic 
EXAMPLE -"I Think Content Is King"

Content is King If You are writing high-quality problem-solving content relevant to your niche and write in-depth Long content focus on every single words multimedia and visual if you are making this google and people will love your work and your ranking Automatically boost in google

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How To Rank Youtube Videos ( YOUTUBE SEO )

This blog is about How To Rank Youtube Videos in number 1 page result in youtube the whole blog is about Youtube SEO ranking factors how you can rank your video using white hat SEO technique in youtube so if you want to rank your video fast in youtube read our article carefully.

How To Rank Youtube Videos


Keyword Research -

when you type your keyword into the youtube search column you can see suggest keyword from Youtube.

Keyword Research On Youtube
Keyword Research On Youtube

Also Cheak In Google -

 When You Type a keyword into google then google suggest you more relevant keyword 

Keyword Research In Google

Competition -

search a keyword Into Youtube and check your competition what they actually do pick your top 10 competitors and cheek Their Work and try to best from them and also check the competition of your keyword search volume and area of your views.

Check Competition On Youtube

Also Cheak In Google -

 Type your keyword into Google and check competition into google and check their content and research about your topic and check area of your content and also check the competition try to best from them

Check Competition On Google

Also In Google Keyword Planner

Go To The Google keyword planner and search your keyword and check monthly search volume and competition.

  • Always Use Low Competition 
  • Always Use Long Keyword because it is easy to rank

Check Competition On Keyword Planner Tool

Design Your Channel - 

If your channel not looking professional and looking good nobody wants to come to your channel so pick the attractive youtube cover and logo also.
Design Your Youtube Channel

Verification - 

Your Channel must be verified and also green teek you should verify your number and email also then google give your verify check.

Verify Your Youtube Channel
Verify Your Youtube Channel

Channel > Upload Default - 

If you don't wanna add your social link and information, again and again, you can put them into upload default section add your description and you can add title and tag also but I recommend add your description by default.

Channel > Upload Default 

Channel > Branding -

 Add your brand logo if you want to brand your channel some people add transparent subscriber button into branding logo section because when people click on it they can subscribe you and its a call to action signal to subscribe my channel. You can add your logo to the entire logo and intro your logo and outro your logo as you want.

Channel > Branding 

Use Subscriber Button In Branding ( This Could Be Call To Action To Subscribe Your Channel)
Transparent Subscriber Button
Transparent Subscriber Button

Channel > Advance >Channel Keyword -

 Add Your Channel Keyword into Channel keyword section add the relevant keyword of your channel add your niche title and most target keyword into it you can add your channel also it will help to google algorithm understand your channel 

Youtube Channel Keyword

Channel > Advance - 

Add your website URL and Google Analytics property id for track your youtube channel to understand what your audience actually wanna do.

Youtube With Google Analytics
Youtube With Google Analytics

Channel Trailer - 

Add Your Channel trailer when someone visits your channel they can see your channel trailer put the whole information about your channel what you wanna share with your audience put your future project and Define Your Niche into your channel and Tell them to subscribe your channel 

"You Want To Be A Seo Expert You Are Right Place Cheak Our High-Quality Step By Step Tutorial"

Youtube Channel Trailer
Youtube Channel Trailer

Playlist - 

Add a Specific Playlist to your content and add your video under your playlist Make a playlist to easy to understand your content also ( some time playlist also come in the search result ) Build A SEO Friendly Playlist And also design them.

Youtube Playlist

Basic Settings 

Title -

 Your Title Should be catchy to attract your audience and your title should be forced to click into it 
  • front Load Your First Targeted Keyword 
  • Add Numerical into YOUR title
  • you can add the column into your title 
  • use words like BEST, TOP. MOST. MUST, 2019, STEP BY STEP
  • Include The Current Year In Video Title

Description -

 Your video description is all about your video depth information write all information which you gonna describe into your video if someone read your description they will understand the whole content in text pattern add your important link and social link website and affiliate link also

Tags - 

add the relevant tags into your video when someone searches your tag your video will be visible if your SEO is perfect.
  • add your target keyword into your video tag
  • add an alternative keyword into your video tag
  • Don't keyword stuff your tags 

Youtube Seo

Use Custom Thumbnail - 

If your thumbnail is not Cathy nobody gonna click on it always use Cathy thumbnail create colorful thumbnail and customize yourself
  • Don t Use Youtube Colours Into Your Thumbnail
  • Use Bold Words Into Your Thumbnail
  • Customized Thumbnail Yourself
  • Don't use copyrighted Images

Youtube Thumbnail
Youtube Thumbnail


Canva is free for making eye-catching thumbnails and images and more design.
  • You can use the paid version if you want more customization.


End Screen Annotation -

 Always Use End Screen annotation for the redirect to your next video add your most relevant video end part of your video and you can add other elements like subscribe use can use them.
  • I am using most recent upload video in my end annotation section

End Screen Annotation
End Screen Annotation

Cards - 

You can add a card to your video as a call to action button and promote yourself in your video you can promote your other video and channel into your video
  1. Video or playlist - promote a video a video into your video
  2. Channel - promote another channel into your video
  3. Poll - you can add a poll into your video like - should I make more videos? (yes or no)
  4. Link - You can promote a link 

Cards On Youtube
Cards On Youtube

Subtitle and CC -  

You can upload a transcript and you can also create subtitle yourself on youtube.
  • it will help to increase your watch time 
  • it will help your audience to understand your content
  • youtube understand your content and boost your ranking
  • if someone doesn't understand the language you use you can add the different language of subtitle

Subtitle and CC For YOUTUBE
Subtitle and CC For YOUTUBE 

Subtitle and CC For YOUTUBE
Subtitle and CC For YOUTUBE 

More Settings

Table Of Content -

 it will definitely boost your ranking I personally experience when I am using the table of content into my videos it was rank fast compare to another video
  • if your video is user-friendly youtube give you ranking
  • when someone wanna watch a specific part of your video that's kind of audience will love your content because you are not wasting their time

Table Of Content For YOUTUBE
Table Of Content For YOUTUBE

Comment Pin - Always Pin You Comment Into Your Video

Comment Heart - Always Heart Your Pin Comment Into Your Video

Category - Always Give A Catorgey To Your Video It will help To Understand Your Category To                         Youtube 


Use Analytics - 

Analytics On Youtube
Analytics On Youtube

Audience Retention - 

You can check your audience retention it will help you to understand which part of your video most love your audience check where is the pike into your audience retention and also check the down part then understand what should you do your upcoming videos and what should you don't do.
  • check your pike part and watch what are you actually doing in your and apply your future videos
  • also, check the down part and remove and always remember  don't do another video because people don't love it

Audience Retention In YOUTUBE
Audience Retention In YOUTUBE

Video Formate & Rename -

Before You Uploading Your Video Cheak Your Video Formate And Also Cheak The Rename Of Your Video 

  • Always Rename Your Video Because Youtube Automatically detect your rename if you not gonna rename your video before publishing your video
  • rename your keyword into your rename.

YOUTUBE Video Format
YOUTUBE Video Format

Understand CTR - 

When Someone Sees Your Video In First Page Ranking They Not Click On First video they are clicking another video in raw like 3rd or 5th video because your thumbnail and quality is better then another video so if people consistently click on the 5th video then youtube understand the 5th video is useful and problem-solving video it will complete all task what actually want the audience in that particular keyword.


Youtube Seo

Use CTR Magnet Thumbnail - 

always use Cathy thumbnail and don't clickbait if you are using click baiting and another illegal method your video no longer run
  • Use Big Bold Text Into The Thumbnail
  • Use Colours - Green, Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Grey, Orange 

High-Quality -

  1. Always make high-quality videos
  2.  always use the better sound mic
  3.  and make long videos and video should relevant to your target keyword and niche 
  4. a video should be problem-solving it will complete the all task and solution which actually wants your audience.

CTR In Youtube
CTR In Youtube

Best Tools For Youtube Seo -

 I am personally using tube buddy but vid-iq and tube rank jeet pro is also the best tool for youtube SEO it will help to how to modify your whole content and SEO also so I recommend using them.
  1. Tubebuddy
  2. VID-IQ

Best Tools For Youtube Seo
Best Tools For Youtube Seo

Promote Your Video (Share ) - 

If your video is maximum share number in different kind of platforms like

Share Youtube Videos
Share Youtube Videos

Link Your Videos In Email

Add Youtube Videos In Email List
Add Youtube Videos In Email List

Embed In blog/website

I Embed My Videos In My Website And Blog Post Also Add A Youtube Subscribe Button On My Website And I am Using A Video In My Website Home Page

Embed Youtube Videos In blog/website
Embed Youtube Videos In blog/website

Quora & 

Use Quora and forums and submit your video when someone asks a question about your video topic write a short post and embed your video into the post and when someone read answer then they can see your video.

Share Youtube Videos In Quora
Share Youtube Videos In Quora

If You Are Doing This Then You Gonna Rank More

More Tips


Always use location it will google algorithm to understand your country when youtube understand your location they will rank more in your country


Add Date when you published a video it will help to understand when you drop your video.


Always use language which language is your video youtube ranked your video to selected language audience

Youtube Seo

Hashtag - 

Use Hashtags Into Your Videos It Will Not Boost Your Ranking But When You Add Hashtag Its look more visible and attractive hashtag is a trend to use them if you want
  • always use a relevant hashtag
  • don't do hashtag stuffing

Hashtags For Youtube
Youtube Hashtags

Audience Interaction -

When you interact your audience ask something about the topic future project and previous video when you wanna connect with your audience
  • Ask multiple choice question end of your video
  • Reply Every single Comment
  • Give Heart on a comment which your most love
  • Create a Poll And Ask Something
  • Treet Your Subscriber Like Your Family
  • Do What They Want Not What You Want


If You, not upload video consistently people will forget you and they will unsubscribe your channel too so make a table of content of the week and work on it.


upload Problem Solving VideosDon't upload sexually video
upload Relevant VideosDon't upload Nudity
upload Target Keyword VideosDon't upload Hate Speech
upload Quality VideosDon't upload Negativity
upload Long VideosDon't upload Terrorism
Use High-Quality Mic ( Audio )Don't upload Vilonte
Educate SomeoneDon't Use Black Hat SEO
Complete The Audience TasksDon't upload Copyrighted Video
Use White Hat SEODon't upload Copyrighted Thumbnails

Bonus Tips

  • Say Your Main Keywords In Video ( Also Write Them In Subtitle)
  • Give Power Tips (Bonus Tips) To Your Audience
  • Consistency Is Most Important Make A Time Table Of Your Content Delivery
  • Always Cheak Analytics ( Bonus Rate, Audience Retention )
  • Right Time To Upload Your Video
  • Create A Blog Post Targeting The Same Keyword
  • Boost Your Engagement
  • Build Your Channel Authority
  • Focus On First 20 Second Of Your Video
  • Be Different In Your Video Change Your Avtaars And Style Then Pick The Most Love People
  • Add Call To Action Script For Subscribe
  • Attention Grabbing Description First 100 Words Should Be Powerfull
  • Make Your Own Channel Slogan
  • Make A Video Series (Chapters)
  • Set A Featured Video





We All Know Youtube Is The Second Largest Search Engine, So If You Want To Make Your Career As A Youtuber, This Is The Right Time To Start The Youtube Channel, Show Your Talent To Your Audience And Become Popular And Rich, Always Choose The White Hat SEO techniques In Ranking Your Video, If You Make Really Amazing And Relevant Or Problem-Solving Video Then You Definitely Success As A Youtube 
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